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Listing on the Birake Network

Thanks to our cooperation with Bitdorado and Telos we got a listing on the Birake Network. This includes all Birake Network exchange partners. Now you can start trading cryptocurrency XDNA in a trading pair with Bitcoin on the decentralized exchange Bitdorado which are included Birake Network ecosystem.

XDNA celebrates its birthday!

Good day XDNA community!

Today, the XDNA crypto project turned 2 years old!

Our XDNA project was born at a time when the cryptocurrency industry is going through difficult times. But the XDNA project has withstood dignity and continues to evolve.

There will be a lot of new information this week:
- a new company development plan will be announced;
- new strategic goals will be identified;
- an update release date will be announced for the blockchain that fixes the reward issue.

To celebrate this birthday and give you a festive mood, we want to hold a festive Giveaway and play 10,000 XDNA coins (10 prizes of 1000 coins each)!

The draw will be held on our official twitter (

Good luck!!!

XDNA Foundation

We think about the world. We realize that there are many charity organizations under the sun providing free assistance to those in need. We also want to be a part of something bright and good, helping people.

We have created the XDNA Foundation – the cryptocurrency charity fund aimed at providing targeted assistance to organizations and funds with insufficient or no funding.

What is the XDNA Foundation?

The XDNA project is not only an innovative digital currency. We seek to use the latest advances in blockchain technology to provide help to those really in need. The XDNA Foundation is not yet another charity fund with a confusing accounting style and non-transparent distribution of donations. It’s a new chapter in charity, when everyone can control the movement of funds and ensure that the whole particular transfer got to the particular recipient. Honesty and transparency - that is our goal. And blockchain technology makes it real, worldwide.

How is the XDNA Foundation maintained?

Team XDNA will not use the Foundation for self-sustaining, in contrast to many charity organizations that use donations to cover administrative costs (sometimes this expense item consumes up to 90% of total funds, it may sound wild enough but you can google it). We are going to set an example of changing the world for the better with deeds, not nice words.

The 350 000 XDNA derived from the premine form the initial capital of the Foundation. Furthermore, 2% from the block reward will be collected to the Foundation’s wallet.

We aspire to involve as many members of the community in helping those really in need as possible. You can purchase XDNA on an exchange or mine it, and make a transfer to the Foundation’s account. You can also make a donation in any digital currency you’d like and we will convert it into XDNA ourselves. Helping has never been so easy!

One of the innovative features of the XDNA project is that it’s one of the first cryptocurrency projects to combine charity with masternode technology. You can purchase a masternode and set up a percentage of the rewards to be automatically transferred to the Foundation or to an address of a particular person who needs help. This option simplifies participation in doing good even further and allows you to combine investment with charity.

On our website you can find detailed instructions in the FAQ section.

Who do we help?

There is no specific target group or country for wardship activity. We equally desire to help everyone.

If you require help or know of a person in need of assistance, just fill in the application form on the Foundation webpage.

Team XDNA will review all requests together with the community. The areas covered include but are not limited to:

fundraising for medical assistance;

helping those who desire to get education but can’t;

support of young sportsmen who cannot develop their talents due to the lack of money for equipment;

orphanage care;

pet shelter support.

Anyone in need can turn to us for help.

How are the applications for help reviewed?

All received applications will pass pre-moderation. Afterwards, they’ll be on display for voting. You can partake in the voting process and spread the word to your friends and acquaintances from the XDNA community. This can significantly speed up the reviewing and the possible funding. Together we can be more efficient!

We should note that the final decision for each application will be made by the XDNA team. Among the aspects we will consider are the results of the voting and a field report made by one of us on-the-spot in order to evaluate the aspects of the case that cannot be deduced otherwise.

It is not a secret that touching stories are widely used to cover greed and fraudulent intentions. Therefore, a check-up is necessary to filter off those who don’t actually need help. Also, a situation is possible when the resources of the Foundation are insufficient, or the help can’t be delivered due to some reason. Under such conditions it is better to provide modest but real assistance than to undertake a large project and fail.

Public monitoring

Each application that passes the check-up will have its own webpage on the Foundation website that will contain its description and all necessary documents. Beside that, we will give the payment details for direct help and display a progress bar showing the amount of collected and still required funds.

You can transfer funds either to the wallet of the Foundation or directly to the coin address of the person or organization in need.

All XDNA transfers between the parties involved are absolutely transparent and can be easily tracked using block explorers.

A thorough report will be made for every application in work, for community members to see that their efforts and funds served to change life for the better.

Our commitment to honesty and transparency does not end up in just words. It results in the possibility of controlled movement of charity funding. It results in help to real people.

Unfortunately, due to low interest, we are currently forced to suspend the XDNA Foundation. If you are interested in resuming the work of our charity fund - feel free to contact us.